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Twenty One Pilots

I can hardly handle the fact that I just saw twenty one pilots live, it doesn’t feel real.


Such a special night in my home town!  Thank you everyone I feel very loved and proud to be a Coloradan!!

Tyler Joseph @ Forecastle Music Festival 2014Photo by Taylor Hill

I just got back from seeing twenty one pilots and panic! at the disco and omfg it was so amazing. I had barricade and got to hold tyler up above the crowd and touch his hand which was so frickin lovely and I literally cried during car radio it was so emotional. And panic was soooo good, Brendon sounded great and both panic and 21p were so energetic, it was just amazing. Also got to meet some awesome people and sit on my new friend’s shoulders during a 21p song which was amazing. I just wish i could have stayed to try to meet tyler and josh, but my dad made me go back to the hotel since I’d gotten in line at 6:30 AM.

But overall, best concert I’ve ever been to.


the view from Josh’s hill, @forecastlefest. |-/ (at Forecastle Festival)


no one hates fall out boy as much as fall out boy fans

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Hey guys, I’m going to see twenty one pilots and panic! at the disco at 93.3 Big Gig in Denver, CO and am still looking for someone to hang out in line with. I’m getting in line real early so it’d be nice to have someone to hang out with. So pls, if anyone is going alone or wants someone else to hang out with, send me an ask! i’d love to meet other 21p and panic fans!